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  About Tarsheed

Who We Are

National Energy Corporation – Egypt (NECE), Tarsheed Was Founded In 1998 As A Dynamic Company In The Egyptian Market For Energy Services, And Management Planning Activities, Having The Consultation Activities As Well As The Implementations.

One Year After The Foundation, The Market Share Of The Company Has Increased Steadily And Become Well Known In Its Field. Consequently, The Experience Of Founders And Associated Consultants Provided A Solid Base For Initiating The Environmental Consulting Services, Business Development Plans, Strategy Analysis, And Technology/Innovation Auditing.

In A Short Period Of Time, Tarsheed Became Recognized Among The Interested Parties In The Field Of Energy, Environment, Management, Auditing In Different Aspects, And Strategy Development. Tarsheed Is Recognized Through Its High Level Of Professionalism And Commitment, Quality, Performance And Productivity.

NECE Policy
Under The Umbrella Of Our Registered Name “Tarsheed” That Stands For Technology Application And Resources Solutions For High Efficiency And Economic Development, Our Policy Does Fit All Requirements Of Our Clients.

  • We Do Believe That The Future Is A Joint Venture.
  • We Aim To Serve Our Clients As Trusted Allies.
  • The Provision Of The Loyalty Of A Business Partner And The Rendering Of Highly Professional Services To Our Clients Are Key Factors Of Our Success.
  • We Are Committed To Deliver Our Services In Professional Qualitative, Quantitative Way To Meet The Maximum Satisfaction Of Our Local Business Alliances As Well As The International Business Partners.
  • We Do Commit Ourselves In Delivering The Sustainable Services For Our Customers To Fit Within The Customer And Egyptian Framework Of Development.

What We Do

Tarsheed Provides A Wide Range Of Services In The Field Of Technology Application, Resources Solutions, Improving Facility Efficiency, Feasibility Studies, Capacity Building, And Integrated Packages With Full Engineering Solution And Design.

Accordingly, Tarsheed Offers A Wide Range Of Activities For Its Clients To Ensure The Suitable Solutions For The Problems Encountered At Maximum Benefit And Optimized Investment. Moreover, Tarsheed Helps Its Clients In Fund Raising And Provide Financial Mechanisms In Order To Achieve The Maximum Possible Compliance With Regulations, Market Share, And Public Image Of The Client.

The Experts Of Tarsheed Possess Extensive Capabilities To Analyze The Needs Of Any Facility Or Organization And To Propose The Most Suitable Mitigation That Does Not Draw Any Negative Impact On Its Image, Product Quality And Quantity.

Tarsheed Team

Tarsheed Has Realized That A Team Of Multi Disciplinary Backgrounds, Variety In Professional Experience And Educational Levels Is The Most Appropriate Approach For The Wide Range Of Tarsheed Activities. The Team Experiences Include The Generalists As Well As The Specialists In Order To Cover All Tarsheed’S Commitments With Their Clients.

Besides The Core Team Of Tarsheed, Short Term And Long-Term Consultants With Diversified Backgrounds And Experiences Supports Its Activities. The Tarsheed Strategy Is To Enlarge Its Members’ Base Through Permanently Employment For Some Of Its Consultants. This Is Based On The Mutual Trust That Does Exist Between Tarsheed And Its Consultants. The Aimed Advantage Is To Have A Stable Team, Continued Interaction, Higher Productivity, Creation And Initiative Team.

The Group Of Experienced In-House And Out-Sourced Consultants Is Backed By A Team Of Junior Engineers And Administrators That Provide Logistical Support And Undertake Time-Consuming Paper Work On Behave Of The Leading Team. This Approach Provides Timely Delivering Of Products And Services.

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